Social Media Management

We prepare marketing strategies to increase the awareness of the brand or products and services, also through online contests, special initiatives, events and more.

The management of these assets includes:

- Ideation of the event/competition and its social and sharing mechanisms;

- Promotion of the event/competition;

- Monitoring on user participation.

The goal is to increase the visibility of a Brand on Social Networks and online communities by determining which platforms are best suited for communication.

Through the social pages the Brand can:

- Provide direct experience and a chance to dialogue with customers;

- Have the chance to get feedback about its products and services;

- Raising the profile;

- Retain users/clients;

- Monitor their online reputation.

Services for social pages:

- Creation and graphic personalization of profiles;

- Integration of the company website with Social pages;

- Ad-hoc planning on the frequency and type of upgrade, monitoring and response to comments, launching initiatives and competitions, etc.;

- Reporting on the various activities undertaken and the goals achieved.

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